Customer Testimonials














"Your product is awesome. Easy to install and beautiful. Well worth the money."

- Salvatore








"Omg its so beautiful... It looks as if a contractor did it but I did it myself... My neighbors have even inquired about it."

- Home Depot Customer

"Here are a couple pics from our first NextStone project.

Although this project was a small application, we believe it made a big difference in our finished front steps.  NextStone turned the ordinary into Extraordinary.  It was easy to cut and adhere to the riser boards.  We are impressed how strongly reinforced the panels are.  Future plans are to finish the foundation blocks on our log cabin with NextStone!"

- Diane 










"Hi my name is John.  I have a 13 year old hot tub that was literally falling apart. The whole frame around the hot tub as well as the siding was rotting and deteriorating. Everything else on the hot tub worked perfectly so we didn't need a new tub. So I began searching the Internet for options. I started with hot tub manufactures, and the few I contacted said it would be cheaper to just by a new hot tub. Well that idea didn't set well me so I started looking into faux stone panels and came across your product. I grabbed a buddy of mine and with his help we constructed a new frame and attached the Nextstone panels on the outside. I think it looks better now than when we first purchased 13 years ago. My family and friends all agree."










"This is absolutely GORGEOUS!... I used this in my kitchen as a backsplash, with black cabinets... It is completely gray-scale, with no creams, tans, greens, or rust colors, which is EXACTLY what I needed. It is lightweight, and cuts easily with a regular handsaw... I used gray water-resistant screws to install it (1-1/4" Primeguard + Ten)... It was SO easy."

- Rayne in Kentucky

"We did get the fireplace wall completed and I wanted to send you this photo showing the finished project. It looks great. Now if only we didn't have to have the fire going on May 19!!!! You and your colleagues could not have treated us any better and we appreciate it so very much."

-Bob & Mary in Colorado








"Hi Nextstone,

Just want to thank you for making such a wonderful product. I purchased all my siding from my local Home Hardware Store here in Ontario, Canada. I installed this all by myself after following your enclosed instructions. It was such an easy project and I'm waiting for my neighbors to ask me to install it on their houses in the near future. 

Thank you"

- Dennis in Ontario, Canada










"The product was great to work with and I think the job looks fantastic!! "

-Arther in Alberta Canada


"Hello I have just finished a wine cellar using Mojave panels from Nextstone.  This stuff is AWESOME!  Great to work with, easy to use and cut, and so little waste.  They give the perfect ambience for this hobby room from the archway leading in to the wine racks and whiskey bar."  

-Steve in Ontario Canada




"We used your product in our kitchen remodel surrounding two wall ovens.  We were surprised to find from the photo page that all of the postings were from external applications.  We've received a lot of compliments from friends and family and thought we'd share."

-Chuck and Rhonda 













"Just finished up a project with this stuff and it turned out great. Mine was actually an outdoor application and I was applying it to concrete and concrete block , so drilling all those holes into concrete was a pain in the arse but the finished product turned out better than I hoped. If you are planning on putting on sheetrock or on wood , anything easy to screw into this will be a snap and would go up quickly. Nextstone is easy to cut, though light weight it seems like it will be durable. It does look really good and if you do the job properly it would be hard to tell it isn't done unless you touched it. Just make sure the starter strip is straight and level, after that it's simple."

-Dan in Bowling Green Kentucky 




"I just renovated my kitchen and chose your stone veneer as a backdrop to a new corner wall for the now cornered stove.  It looks even better in person."

- Kathy





"We could not be happier with the results. It turned out just like we had wanted. I did the work myself and found Nextstone very easy to work with and install. Anyone who has seen it thinks it is real stone and were impressed by what they thought at first was my masonry skills.

Great product.

Thank you"



"I had bought new coach lights to replace the builder ones on either side of my garage. The back cover plates on the new light fixtures did not cover the holes in the stucco behind the old lights, which had larger cover plates. While I had to cut the bump outs off of the back of the mounting blocks in order for them to sit flush against the house and cover the holes, it was really easy to do using just a hand saw and covered the voids perfectly. I love how the new lights look! These mounting blocks seem to be really durable despite being made of a hard styrofoam material."

-Home Depot Customer


New England Mocha Kitchen Backsplash
Slatestone Onyx
NextStone Stacked Stone Carolina Cocoa
NextStone Random Rock Tri Gray Faux Stone Siding Panels
NextStone Slatestone Faux Stone Siding Panels
NextStone Castle Rock Tuscan Brown Faux Stone Siding Panels