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NextStone™ has developed a complete siding component system. Our system provides a variety of panels and accessories to fit your exterior siding needs. We also have a brand new line of NextStone™ mailboxes, available in multiple sizes.

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Our panels are designed to interlock or insert with other NextStone™ accessories as well as common vinyl or metal siding J-channels, corners, etc. NextStone™ component siding products are designed to work in harmony with today's most common siding systems.

Slatestone Panels

NextStone™ Slatestone panels are 43.25" x 8.25" x 1.75" and are now available in several different colors:

nextstone panels Slatestone Pewter
Slatestone Pewter
nextstone panels Slatestone Canyon
Slatestone Canyon
nextstone panels Slatestone Rocky Mountain Graphite
Slatestone Rocky Mountain Graphite
nextstone panels Slatestone Rundle Ridge
Slatestone Rundle Ridge
nextstone panels Slatestone Brunswick Brown
Slatestone Brunswick Brown
nextstone panels Slatestone Mojave
Slatestone Mojave
nextstone panels Slatestone Midnight Ash
Slatestone Midnight Ash

Stacked Stone Panels

NextStone™ Stacked Stone panels are 46.5" x 13.5" x 1.5" and are available in six different colors:

nextstone panels Bedford Charcoal
Bedford Charcoal
nextstone panels Carolina Cocoa
Carolina Cocoa
nextstone panels Kentucky Gray
Kentucky Gray
nextstone panels Sandy Buff
Sandy Buff
nextstone panels Volcanic Gray
Volcanic Gray
nextstone panels Walnut Brown
Walnut Brown

Castle Rock Panels

NextStone™ Castle Rock panels are 15.25" x 43.25" x 1.25", cover 4.03 square feet and are available in four designer colors:

nextstone panels Castle Rock Ashford Charcoal
Castle Rock Ashford Charcoal
nextstone panels Castle Rock Tudor Gray
Castle Rock Tudor Gray
nextstone panels Castle Rock Tuscan Brown
Castle Rock Tuscan Brown
nextstone panels Castle Rock Windsor Buff
Castle Rock Windsor Buff

Random Rock Panels

NextStone™ random rock panels are 48" x 15.5" x 1.5" and are available in several different colors:

nextstone panels Desert Buff
Desert Buff
nextstone panels Lava Gray
Lava Gray
nextstone panels New England Mocha
New England Mocha
nextstone panels Tri Buff
Tri Buff
nextstone panels Tri Gray
Tri Gray
nextstone panels Tri Sedona
Tri Sedona

DryStack Panels

NextStone™ DryStack panels are 48" x 4" x 1.5" and are available in two different colors:

nextstone panels Drystack Santa Fe Adobe
Drystack Santa Fe Adobe

LedgeStone Panels

NextStone™ LedgeStone panels are 48" x 6" x 1.5" and are available in five different colors:

nextstone panels LedgeStone Santa Fe Adobe
LedgeStone Santa Fe Adobe
nextstone panels LedgeStone Mountain Shadow
LedgeStone Mountain Shadow

NextStone™ also carries a wide range of accessories to give your installation a professional finish!

NOTE: Colors shown are reproduced by the lithographic process and may vary from actual colors. Consult product samples for accuracy. Nextstone™ reserves the right to delete or change items in its product line without notice. Sizes shown are approximate. Coverage area can vary.

Wondering why NextStone™ products are right for you? There are many reasons to select NextStone™ products for your simulated stone installation.

Would you like to see an actual sample of our product? If you live close to a local dealer, we encourage you to visit them in person to view our entire product line.

If there are no dealers in your area, please visit our sample order form page to purchase a sample.

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